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Jiah Khan’s memorial service held in a church in London



Jiah Khan who had committed suicide almost four months ago now, had a memorial service held in London yesterday. The memorial was in Brompton Oratory church which is in central London and was attended by her mother Rabiya Amin, sisters Kavita and Karishma and close family members.

Rabiya Amin, Jiah Khan’s mother filed a petition in the Bombay High Court alleging that her daughter did not committ suicide but was murdered. She demanded the case to be investigated by the CBU and the police has been loose and in benefit of Suraj Pancholi. Rabiya spoke at the memorial ” I will soon be returning to Mumbai and ask for thorough investigation into the case. I cannot and will not believe that Jiah could have taken her own life. She was very hardworking and a spiritual girl who loved her family a lot. I believe that foul play is involved.”

Dinesh Tiwari, who is Rabiya’s legal advisor, said ” After the forensic expert analysed her dead body pictures, he deduced that a belt had been used to strangle her to death before she was actually hung from the ceiling fan to make it look like a suicide.”

Jiah Khan’s sister Karishma, who was present at the memorial said ” I don’t believe that Jiah could have committed suicide. We used to have a chat everyday and she was always very jovial and happy.” Jiah’s best friend Maha added ” I think there should be a proper investigation into the case and whatever the truth is should come out. She was the most exuberant and beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

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