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I only look at Deepika Padukone, says Ranveer Singh

While most Bollywood celebrities prefer keeping their relationship status under wraps, our boy Ranveer Singh wants to shout out loud, that he is in love. Yes! You heard it right. Ranveer Singh, who was recently down with Dengue and is currently on complete bed rest, opened up about his love life in a recent interview.

A witty and funny guy that he is, Ranveer refused to reveal the name of the girl, saying people might cast eyes on his happiness. However, he confesses, he is deeply, hopelessly in love with…errr… Deepika Padukone… err … oops, he did not reveal the name.

Ranveer said, “I was sick with dengue, had my nude photo on the front page of the newspaper, but still I am happy. I think if this is not love then what is. But I won’t reveal the name of the girl. It is a very strong feeling which I am experiencing for the past few months and it is difficult for me to explain it. She cares a lot for me and I love everything about her. But I won’t marry her right away as I need to be in a better financial position and give a few big hits, then only I will think of starting a family.”

Well, this is not the first time Ranveer has fallen in love. Hoqwever, the actor does confess that this time, the feeling is very strong unlike before.

He said “I keep falling in love again and again. It happened when I was in Class seven and then in my college days. It is probably because I have a large heart and I care for people a lot. And I constantly need someone to show my affection. It is tough for me to hide my feelings.”

Talking about Deepika Padukone, his Ramleela co-star, Ranveer said, “After doing a particular scene we used to watch it on the monitor. Deepika was so brilliant and visually stunning that you would only watch her. I don’t watch myself but only her.”

Meanwhile, Ramleela will hit theaters on 15th November.

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