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Off-beat and unconventional roles done by Rekha

Let us end this day by having a look at all the unconventional roles done by Rekha. These were the movies that nobody wanted to be a part of or were too busy to take up. Rekha celebrates her 59th birthday today and let us celebrates her 59th birthday today. Let’s celebrate her success as an actress and wish her happy birthday!


Khoon bhari maang

And just like that she went on from being a scarred woman to one a sacred godess. Rekha’s role as a jilted wife who was fed to the crocodiles won her accolades from all over the nation. Khoon Bhari Maang was a huge turning point in her career.

do anjaane

This one is really unconventional. Which 19th century in her right mind would betray her husband? That too with his best friend! Atrocious! Right? But she does it and does it for the money involve. She repents it later but it’s too late to undo things.



Rape plagues the Indian society like nothing else and Rekha perfectly portrays the role of a newly-wed wife who was gang raped. She’s traumatised and cannot trust any men including her husband. Her transformation from a traumatised young woman to a loving wife is simply beautiful.

Umrao Jaan

This movie changed everyone’s perspective about Rekha. This was one movie which changed the path of her career and made her a superstar. While no one wanted to play a lonely bazaru aurat, Rekha was all up for it and to this date every actress wishes to play that part.


Oo. The role of a third woman, a mistress. She plays the role of a woman who stole something that wasn’t hers. Silsila takes us through the journey of a cheating husband, a jaded wife and a lonely mistress. The story was a bit ironic as it reflected their real-life story.


Time and again Rekha and Hrishikesh Mukherjee made movies and every single time Rekha’s status as an actress went up. She plays the role of a naughty girl who comes to live in her sister’s sasural and doesn’t lie the strict rules. Her acting was just lovely!

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

Once again, she plays the role of a bazaru aurat who is left with nothing in the end. I still can’t figure out as to who was the protagonist. Rekha’s silent misery and her unrequited love spoke volumes about her role. To watch the love of your life falling for someone else is one thing but to watch him die is entirely another.}

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