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Is this Aamir Khan’s new marketing strategy for Dhoom 3?

Aamir Khan is simply a genius when it comes to the promotional activities of his films. The perfectionist has amazed us with various marketing stints that just left us speechless and driving us to his movies. Remember when he went ‘missing’ and then ‘appeared’ in various avatars at myriad locations across the country to market his 3 Idiots? But now, the actor is not really thinking of doing such things for his upcoming and most awaited flick Dhoom 3. 

It’s been learnt that the actor will be taking it easy with the Dhoom 3 promotions and no, he will not be seen on any television show or reality show to promote his films. Maybe, playing it cool for the movie, is the marketing strategy? Well, only he knows!

Dhoom 3 is set for a December 20th release and stars Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra as well.

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