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Shahid gets ‘A’ certificate

Shahid, directed by Hansal Mehta, is based on the life of the murdered human rights activist Shahid Azmi. Azmi was a human rights activist and a criminal defense lawyer who specialized in defending people who were falsely accused of being involved in various terrorist plots.

Now, the movie on the controversial subject has been given an ‘A’ Certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). So the theatrical release has been given the Adults Only certificate and the satellite and DVD versions of the film have to undergo a lot of editing, as required by the CBFC standards.

When asked about it, the director says “We will see what can be done about it. I am not saying I am okay with it; I am so busy with the theatrical release of the film that I am not thinking about anything else. We have made the film the way we believed it should be made. CBFC has certified it the way they thought it fits best. They are a responsible body. I hope they have certified it correctly.”

The movie releases on 18th October.

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