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Salman Khan was forced to take an Auto! Wondering why?

Bollywood’s star Khan, Salman Khan is well known for his unplanned Auto-Rickshaw and Cycle rides on the streets of Mumbai, but this time round the actor was rather compelled to catch an auto last night. If rumors are to be believed, Salman Khan’s very own car broke down mid-way and the actor had no other option but to catch an Auto back home.

Unlike other famous celebrities in Bollywood, who would wait till there 2nd car(from their long fleet of cars) arrives, Salman Khan didn’t hesitate once before taking a auto to get back home, keeping aside his superstar status.

Salman even took up Social Media site Twitter to say, ‘Kal raat ko jab gadi bandh padi had to take a rick home, really enjoyed the rickshaw ride : )’
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