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Poonam Pandey: The Most Desperate Ever?

Poonam Pandey’s actions scream of desperation. She offered to strip for our cricket team. She posted ‘dirty’ pictures on Twitter. She has probably done every imaginable thing to get attention. She desperately needs a big break in B-Town and with these actions, she even bagged a film Nasha where she played the role of a seductive school-teacher who boinks her student. The movie bombed and so did her career.

Now, she is targeting South India. In another desperate attempt, she has agreed to do an item song for a Kannada film- Love is Poison. Her remuneration for this song is “very good”, according to the model-actress. The producer Somashekar declared that Poonam will get Rs 60 lakh for the raunchy song.

Photos of Poonam during the song shoot have surfaced and she looks horrendous. Her assets are most prominent in the picture. Her costume with sea-shells and the head-gear makes her look straight out of a cheap Persian Harem in the middle ages. Poonam grins and bears it all, or should we say ‘Bares it all’…

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