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Multi-starrer comedy movies that rocked Bollywood

There are comedy movies and then there are those comedy movies with lots of important star cast. These epic people come together and give us pure entertainment for two and half hours or so! Bollywood gave us many multi starrer comedies but there are few that stand out from the rest. Here’s a list of our favourite comedy movies capturing all our favoiurite stars under one screen.

no entry

Ishq di galli wich no entry! This movie had a lot of star cast. Anil Kapoor’s and Fardeen Khan’s jodi was hilarious. It was probably for the first time that Salman Khan portrayed a character with slightly grey shades or rather a character which isn’t loyal. But he totally rocked at it.

housefull and housefull 2

This particular scene is a direct rip off from Hollywood movie A Night In The Museum starring Ben Stiller. Both the actors acted perfectly. Though they went a bit overboard with the slapping and punching, the scene does make you laugh.

No Problem

Another comedy movie with Anil Kapoor in it. This time his partner in comic crime is Akshay Khanna who did a wonderful job. Akshay is majorly known for his serious roles but his acting in No Problem doesn’t give away anything.

hera pheri and phir hera pheri

Paresh Rawal or rather Babu bhaiyya is back with a bang in Phir Hera Pheri. They were rich at the end of Hera Pheri but eventually spend all the movie and are back to chawl life. His impulsive and I don’t care nature gets him into many brawls and one such brawl is this where he messes with Johnny Lever.


Welcome welcome welcome! Fardeen Khan proved himself in No Entry and Feroz Khan proved himself in Welcome. It’s a shame that the father-son jodi didn’t get a chance to appear in a comedy movie together. They would be hilarious! Once again we have Anil Kapoor and Paresh Rawal doing what they do best – making us laugh!

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