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Deepika Padukone’s father throws tantrum at a mobile company

Our B-Town celebs are known for their tantrums and controversies. Latest one to join the ranks of the tantrum-kings and tantrum-queens is Deepika Padukone’s father Prakash Padukone.

Deepika is known to be a professional woman most of the time. But recently, she shocked everyone by cancelling a shoot in the middle of it and leaving without any notice. Bluntly put, she went AWOL. Her PR team handled the situation for her and gave an official statement saying she is not well and she is resting at her place in Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

A gold-digging journalist somehow got hold of her private number and gave her a call on the number. This journalist got a call-waiting message in Kannada. This implied she was no where near Mumbai and her PR’s story of she resting at her Prabhadevi residence is pure fiction. After this, her father promptly called the mobile company and shouted at them for having region specific languages in their automated response system.

Sadly, he couldn’t get anything out of his tantrum other than a symbolic face-palm from the mobile company… It’s a weird world, the world of glam…d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s); how do i buy viagra online

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