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Aditya Pancholi lashes out at a media reporter and hurts her profusely


Aditya Pancholi who’s been involved in a string of controversies throughout his career has just created another. A Zee media reporter approached him and tried questioning him about the late actress Jiah Khan’s case and Aditya Pancholi just lashed out and became violent. The media correspondent, who’s still in a state of shock has sustained severe injuries and is still recovering.

It’s been said that the reporter went upto Aditya’s house to question him about Jiah Khan, but the actor lost his temper and abused the reporter and her team. He then shut the door repeatedly against the reporter’s hand and hence, hurting her badly.

After assaulting his neighbour Bhargav Patel, the actor has certainly seemed to have lost it. Is this because his son’s involvement in the late actress’ case?


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