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Javed Jaffrey at his best! Commentating for Takeshi’s Castle

Boogie-woogie was probably the first dance show to be telecasted in the history of Indian cinema. Javed Jaffrey was honoured to be the judge of the show and he was so good at it! He is good at almost everything. Javed Jaffrey says barring horror movies and sex comedies, he can do anything with perfection and grace and we take his word for it. He is spontaneous with a perfect comic timing. He anchored or rather dubbed over a Japanese game show, Takeshi’s Castle when it got aired in India. Javed Jaffrey’s comments were hilarious and at times actually better than the show itself. Here are some best moments from the show and some of his best lines.

Crossing the puddle

O, inko shirt ka kapda nahi mila toh..Amreeka ka jhanda pehan liya That’s the funniest thing or rather comment that I’ve ever heard for someone’s who’s wearing a Tee with flag printed on it.
Kya cheekh maari hai.. aur aapki akhal is pole pe bhari hai! ghar jaa beti And he can also rhyme while being sarcastic!
Ye puran janam hogaya.. aurrrr ye puran maran Taking about being sarcastic? Let’s have a double take.
Ye Milky ki pata nahi Milkiyat kaunsi hai! This is my favourite line from the clip! It’s just so spontaneous.

Rolling stones

Sitara chamke ga ya electric bulb k jaisa fuse hogaya? On what the guy’s wearing on his head. How funny can you get Javed?
Very good jawan! Fantastic! Commando Javed! Reporting sir! Yo!

honey comb maze

Tayyar hogayi hai pagalon ki fauj! And this is what he says when they are all set to start the game. Quite true if you ask me.
Arrey baapre! phasliyon ka murabbah! Ow!! The guy takes a crazy hit!
Kuch bhi karo magar diwaar paar karo Yes! Hook or by crook!

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