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Hansal Mehta revisits his past with ‘Shahid’ movie poster

The posters of upcoming film ‘Shahid’ is out now and it shows lead actor Rajkumar Yadav, who plays a role of slain lawyer Shahid Azmi, with a blackened face, an incident that director Hansal Mehta suffered in real life. The poster like the director says is inspired from a scene in the movie where Shahid Azmi gets attacked by goons outside the court and during the process his face is blackened. The incident even happened in the real life to Hansal Mehta in real life. In 2000, when Mehta released ‘Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar’, his office was vandalized and his face was blackened by Shiv Sena workers.

Hansal Mehta decided to relive his personal horrors by including this scene in the movie. “Hansal has shown great emotional strength to relive the shock and insult and humiliation that he went through despite no fault of his own. It’s a brave decision on Hansal’s part to make a poster on this incident from his personal life. He is not an afraid man,” a source close to the director said.

‘Shahid’ is set to release on October 18, has already found supporters like Aamir Khan in the film fraternity. In an earlier interview, Hansal Mehta had said that the movie reflected his anger at being targeted like that. “I somehow feel vindicated with the positive reception of the film. It also voices my angst. I am a filmmaker, I needed the right story to voice my anger and ‘Shahid’ is that story.”

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