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Trailer of War Chod Na Yaar gets good response

These days, even the trailers and posters of upcoming movies are much-awaited. The film-makers ensure the suspense by releasing tidbits and snippets every now and then. Along these lines, the trailer of War Chod Na Yaar is getting good response from the Hindi movie lovers all over.

Starring Sharman Joshi, the movie is India’s first war-comedy and it is a one-of-its-kind movie. Sharman Joshi plays an Army officer in this movie and talking about its trailer, he said “We’ve been touring across cities promoting the film and everyone seems to remember the dialogues. Recently, a young gentleman came up and recited the Sania ki baraat hai kya dialogue, which he said entertained him a lot. Frankly, none of the trailers of my previous films have evoked such a response.”

“For any film, the trailer is like an acid test and the first impression either makes or breaks it. The audience seems to like the black humour in this film – which is actually set in a serious situation – because it is novel,” says Javed Jaffrey, who is the other lead in the movie along with Sharman Joshi.

The movie starring Joshi, Jaffrey and Soha Ali Khan, is produced by AOPL Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It releases on October 11.

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