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Sharman Joshi, the funny man

When one talks about Sharman Joshi they attach comedy to this name, as if it were his surname. He has always been a big hit with making the audience laugh till their belly hurts. It almost seems like it is his natural trait to make people laugh and not a put up. Here’s a look at Sharman’s top 5 comedy scenes.

Beer game- Rang De Basanti

This was one of the most iconic scenes of the decade. Amir Khan and Sharman Joshi became tred-setters. They were a lot of college students who’d imitate him after this. This scene shows the germination of the funny side in Sharman Joshi.

Pregnant Women – Xcuse Me

One of his earliest movies, Sharman must’ve consciously chosen comedy for it best suits him. Here he seen donning a female avatar and looking funny and sounding funnier. He carries it off effortlessly and makes everyone laugh their guts off!

Gali Scene – Golmaal

Sharman plays a friend to a brat person that gets him into trouble. He is seen trying hard to cover uo for the mistake of his friend but fails miserably. What he doesn’t fail in is making the audience laugh hard. This was one of Sharman’s funniest scene and movie.

Raju’s House – 3 idiots

This is considered as one of the funniest scenes in the history of bollywood. This hilarious scenes depcts Amir Khan, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi dinning at Sharman’s house where his mother complains about inflation while she accidentally mixes her ailing husband’s chest hair in the wheat dough!
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Girls Hostel – Xcuse Me

This scene tickles every persons bone, so funny is the scene that even when one watches it repeatedly, one won’t get bored.Sharman dresses as a girl to get admission in a girl’s hostel and by he does an excellent job! }

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