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Salman Khan: I am doing my bit to the Society

Salman Khan, the actor who is known for his helping nature and a huge heart, says he does not like asking people for donations.

“Friends from the film industry do help whenever they can. But I am not good at asking money. You ask and keep asking for money and those people run away from you, and you lose friends” said the 47-year-old actor salman khan.

The Bollywood actor launched a charitable foundation named BEING HUMAN FOUNDATION in 2009, which sells clothes, merchandise on the internet and also in cities like Mumbai, Ludhiana, and Ahmedabad. According to the actor, some percent of the profit from these goods is donated to this foundation.

In addition to the Being Human merchandise, Salman said that he is planning to start a restaurant and a hospital which will be helping the society. A huge percentage of his remuneration is also being donated to this foundation and a sizable amount from this foundation takes care of the industry people like workers and technicians.

“It is not my business to get into restaurants, clothing etc. As an actor, you only have the habit of getting things most of the times. But there is always time to give back to the society and I am doing my bit,” Salman told in an exclusive interview.

The actor says that, after achieving so much in his life it is time to give back to the society and he is trying to his bit. “If you like any of things that are available at our stores come and pick it up. A percentage from this goes back into the charity, so you are doing charity,” says the actor.

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