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When Sonam Kapoor spoke about movies, fashion and love

I promise myself that I shall not be judgmental while writing this blog. I will however be a little critical but try my best not to be judgmental. Or to hell with it!

In an interview with a popular magazine, Sonam Kapoor spoke her heart out about how modest she is, her idealism and her realism. She says she is judgmental and would never hurt anyone on purpose. She says she’s not into married men, but if you think about it. Who is?!

Her words

“I don’t want any girl to go through that (being cheated upon). Its’s tacky. I am judgmental. I am idealistic. I live my life on my own terms” Who doesn’t live their life on their own terms? Like seriously? Is that even a statement? Or an underlying conflict of how she doesn’t get to live her life on her own terms?

being a fashionista

She was questioned about her Fashionista image and was asked if that image sidelined her career. She says, that’s the image that only the audience have and no one else in the industry. Apparently, she is still in Bollywood because of her hard work and her acting skills. Pftt! This is the perfect solution and reply to why her movies don’t do well at the box office. Because she’s into parallel cinema and by the looks of it also in a parallel universe where the audience love her acting. She says “After Delhi 6 and Saawariya people viewed me much like Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi who were considered as serious actors with a girl next door image.”

Well, we can commend her audacity on this one.

Would you audition for a role?

She was also asked if she would have a problem to audition for a role. Her reply? “I wouldn’t mind if a director asks me to audition for a role… Recently, I had been to Yash Raj to audition for a role. I mean, Hugh Jackman, still auditions for his roles. There’s so much to learn from that.” Did she compare herself to Hugh Jackman? Like the wolverine? Wow. She must be delusional!

what irks her about her rivals

What does she hate about her rivals? “When they spread false stories by saying, ‘Oh my God! This film was offered to me first!’ I know its a complete lie . I know it was offered to me first.” And how exactly do you know that Sonam? Because you are taking the directors word for it? Just like the other actresses took his word that they were actually the first choice? Yeah right!!

Original fashion sense

Her ‘original’ fashion sense was not so original after all. She made heads turn with her sense of style in Aisha, too bad it was all copied from the character of Blair Waldorf in a popular American TV series, Gossip Girl.

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