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Salman Khan tired to sabotage Besharam?

Lets talk about being delusional and living in denial. Most members of industry prefer to live in denial rather than accept that their movie didn’t do well. One such case is of Abhinav Kashyap.

Abhinav Kashyap’s Besharam which was released on 2nd of October didn’t perform well at the box office. The critics didn’t like the movie and nor did the audience. Now, it would be easy for everyone if he just believed this fact and moved on with his life. But no! He prefers to believe that the movie did well and the critics loved it! He keeps telling everyone that he has been getting positive feedback from his friends who have watched the movie in the theater.

That’s not it! He also believes that some spiteful forces (read Salman Khan) have been trying to sabotage his movie. Though he is happy with the first day box office collection if his movie, he feels that the movie will take a blow in the coming week because of the negative remarks and tweets of some Bollywood big shots (again read Salman Khan)

Now, why would he try to make fun of a huge franchise if he couldn’t take their come back? He should have known better than to spoof around! What can we say? What goes around, comes around.

Not only that he even took it upon himself to belittle the coolest and most loved Khan of Bollywood by saying Ranbir Kapoor is way better than Salman Khan. Ouch. Brace yourself Abhinav, Salman’s fans are coming at you!

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