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Bollywood celebrities and their best friends

Bollywood Celebrities are in news for everything! They sneeze and it’s a big thing, they fight and its all over the tabloids. Everything about their lifestyle is picked but nobody usually cares about what these people do in their alone time and how they cope up with stress and depression. Here’s their remedy! Their best friends aka their pets! They love them to bits and can’t have enough of them.


amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan maybe tall and when I say tall i mean the tallest in the industry and just like him, he has the biggest dog! Amitabh Bachcha’s best friend aka Shanouk, is a Piranha Dane. Amitabh Bachchan is an actor and he would obviously do photo shoots, but his best shoot so far is the pone he did with Shanouk. He says he loves it and he even tweeted about it!


salman khan

Do you get it? Myjaan = My+ Jaan! How adorable and thoughtful is that!! We love you sallu bhai! Yes there was a time when he was very depressed about the loss of his dog Myson (Wow! That’s again My + Son = Myson! Salman Khan is a genious!) but now he is quite fine and totally in love with Myjaan!


shahrukh khan

Well, well, well, we all know that Aamir Khan has a dog and he named it Shahrukh! How dirty of him to do that. SO it would only be fair if Shahrukh Khan gets a dog and names him Aamir? Nope, Shahrukh Khan is above these petty things and he loves his pet a lot! He’s named him Dash. He also has four other dogs named Juicy, Hulk and Kai and the superstar says whenever he’s depressed they all surround him and cheer him up.


fardeen khan

This big man has one dog in his possession and says that Tiger, his dog is his most priced possession and would never let go of Tiger no matter what! So this fine day Fardeen was in a playful mood and decided to play fetch with Tiger’s bone. Tiger apparently was very hungry and was in no mood to play so he bit his hand. Ouch! But Fardeen Khan let go of this.


shilpa shetty

Shilpa shetty
Yes! Finally someone who loves cats! Shilpa Shetty is more of a cat person and has persian cats and loves them. She also has a Pekinese dog named Champagne. Yes, cats and dogs can co exist!

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