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Anil Kapoor talks about his wife Sunita and their love story!

Anil Kapoor recently visited the famous Mahalakshmi temple on Bhulabhai Desai Road and the authorities even allowed access to a special Naivedya. Anil Kapoor was also interviewed after the darshan.
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On this good occasion, when asked why didn’t his wife accompany him He said, “I asked her if she wanted to come with me and her instant question was, ‘Will the press be there?’ I said yes and she said no. So far, she has managed by not talking to the media, but I told her, ‘Let’s see what you will do when your son becomes an actor.’ And she said, ‘I will manage even then.’ But, surprisingly, she told me, ‘Please get me their number as I would like to go there. I used to go there before we got married to ask for you in my mannat.’ I was taken aback as she had not told me that before.”

Hearing this, he was asked about his love story with Sunita and he told us just about everything he could! “She used to live on Napeansea Road. We dated each other for 10 years before we got married. She used to be working those days and I was not working and would come in a bus to meet her. Financially, in a way, she used to support me those days, so consciously, I was delaying marrying her. She said it was at that time that she would come to the Mahalakshmi temple to ask for me. In 1983, Woh Saat Din and Mashaal released. But it is only in 1985, once I signed Meri Jung that I proposed to her and said, ‘Now, can I marry you?'”

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