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Vidya Balan looks forward to play a negative role!

Vidya Balan loves to campaign for various causes and the National award winning actress admits that this could be her full-time career because acting is something she lives for! Also, the actress feels that this country is ‘very disillusioned with politics and politicians’.

“I am very happy being an actor. If being a known face, a film star or celebrity can draw attention to a cause and get people interested in knowing more about it… I am happy. But acting is what I live for and I don’t see myself ever entering politics,” Vidya said in an interview.

“I think that at this point, more than ever, we are all very disillusioned with politics and politicians…so that’s not a space I want to enter at all. I am more committed to what I am doing right now,” she said.

VIdya loves her profession so much that she’d never turn into a director or a producer and admits she could never understand numbers or writing movies or directing them.

“I write my diary every day, but not anything else. I am too consumed with being in front of the camera. Even if I went behind the camera, I’d get frustrated… if I directed or wrote a film, I’d like to see only myself playing all the parts. I would replace all the actors and do it myself,” she said.

Vidya Balan has essayed a number of roles ranging from being a ‘sex symbol’ or a loud Punjabi wife. She has done all her roles with utmost conviction. And now, she looks forward t play a negative role as well.

“I think there is a villain in each one as much as there is a seductress or a mother or lover or a daughter. So I’d love to play that too,” said Vidya.

What she doesn’t enjoy, however, is doing remakes of films. “I don’t think any film should be remade, especially if they are classics…unless you are able to give something new like what (filmmaker) Anurag Kashyap did with ‘Dev D‘. It was a very interesting twist,” Vidya said.

If it’s already been told beautifully on screen once, why do you want to retell it,” she questioned.

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