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Sonu Nigam’s reply to Chota Shakeel

It was big news yesterday that Sonu Nigam got a threat from the underworld figure Chota Shakeel. After the news was printed in the leading dailies, Sonu Nigam contacted a newspaper and sent them a mail, which is a reply of sorts to both the media and the underworld.

In his mail, Sonu Nigam said it was not the first time he got a threat from Chota Shakeel. His first threat-call came way back in 2000, when the singer was just 26 years old and didn’t know what to do. Back then, the call was to extort money from the singer. Nigam made Shakeel speak to a family friend, who eventually settled the issue and assured him that he will never get a call from them again.

A few days ago, Sonu Nigam got another threat from the gangster, this time it was not for money. Instead, the gangster’s henchman asked Sonu to drop one contract and take up another specific one.

Sonu Nigam added saying that he wanted to keep the latest threat that he got under wraps as he didn’t want unnecessary publicity. He said he felt Shakeel was keeping things civil and he didn’t want things to get ugly. Reportedly, Sonu also told Shakeel not to underestimate Indian Police or the Indian Press.

The 40 year old singer said back then in 2000, he used to work for money and now, because of his stature as an artist; he does not work for money anymore. This is something that only people of his stature can understand; which Nigam says is the reason Shakeel called him. It’s like this, “you don’t work for money anyway, so work with the person I want you to work with and give me the discount I’m asking for”.

The Haryana based singer concluded the mail saying “The answer is when you reach a point when you are walking up the stage, and you have this feeling that you are going on a cosmic pilgrimage, and you have gratitude for the parents, dead or alive, of all the people gathered to listen to you, to bless you, to make you feel the chosen one, how can you work or perform under a threat? ”

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