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OMG! Jiah Khan was murdered according to her mother Rabia Khan

Bollywood actress Jiah Khan’s suicide case has now taken a crazy drastic twist after her mother Rabia Amin has reported petitioned the Bombay High Court saying that her daughter Jiah may have been murdered.

She demanded to re-open the case and be investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The petition claims that Jiah Khan was possibly murdered before being hung. The petition also raised 10 key questions which point at the fact that it was possibly not a suicide case but actually a homicidal death.

1) As per the petition, a person who hangs herself will be found with her eyes and tongue popping out, while in Jiah’s case it was not the same.

2) The petition says the ligature marks on her neck are not consistent with how it would be if a person hanged herself from a ceiling fan.

3) The ligature marks spotted on Jiah’s neck was unusual, not seen in cases of hanging.

4) As per petition, the injury marks on the right side of her lips and a mark on her left arm, “as if someone held her tightly.”

5) Rabia says in her petition that she has preserved a blood patch she had found in a room different from where her daughter’s body was found till now.

6) Jiah Khan allegedly hanged herself with a soft muslin dupatta. But, the depth of the ligature marks found on Jiah’s neck is difficult to achieve with soft material.

7) Also, Jiah hanged herself from a ceiling fan placed so high without the help of a stool, while their home does not have a single such object. As per the petition, this is impossible.

8) The petition says CCTV footage shows that when Jiah entered the flat a few minutes before she allegedly committed suicide, she was dressed in a track suit, whereas her body was found dressed in a night suit. Would a person about to commit suicide change clothes right before doing it, asks the petition

. 9) Also, Rabia the investigating officer of the case about everything she found, but they paid no heed.

10) The petition adds that the bedroom window could have been used to gain entry into the first floor apartment, as the window is at a very low level and very close to the ledge above the building entrance. Jiah Khan 

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