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5 comedy movies you can watch over and over

What’s Bollywood without comedy movies? We all like to have a good laugh now and then and we all enjoy a good comedy. If I were to rate Bollywood on the types of movies it produced, comedy movies would stand first followed by romance, action, horror and so on. Over the years we have had many comedy movies which we love. And then there are those movies which are your favourite, which you can watch over and over again and keep laughing at the same jokes again and again. Here’s one such list of all time favourtie comedy movies.



Ah. Welcome. This is the kind of the movie that would make you smile on a rainy day. Nana Patekar’s dry humour and Mallika Sherawat romancing two guys at a time was hilarious! Not the concept but the way she did it. Talking to both of them at the same time, then Feroz Khan going nuts because they try to murder his son and Nana Patekar trying be an actor! Oh my God!


hera pheri

My name is Bond, James Bond. Mera naam hai Babu Rao Ganpat Rao Apte! Paresh Rawal teamed up Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty is a pure treat. This trio took us on a comedy roller coster with extreme highs and surprisingly the ride didn’t have any lows. Yeah, we had few feels trips but the movie was super fun!


andaz apna apna

There are so many things about this movie that you just cant forget. Crime master gogo, Teja, the shuffling of Raveena and Karishma. Woah. A lot went on in the movie and everything hilarious!And then how can your forget? Teja mai hoon! Mark yahan hai! So crazy!



Kichdi isn’t exactly a Bollywood movie, but it is one of the best comedy movies I have ever seen. Hansa’s father dies and then they have a small funeral. You would expect people to cry and wail at the loss of a very dear man, but that doesn’t happen and the audience, instead of being sad laughs like they have lost their mind.



Paresh Rawal, check. Arshad Warsi, check. Amrish Puri, check. What else do you need in a comedy movie? The setting and the back drop of the movie were serious, like it could have created fights if it were a Mahesh Bhatt movie but with actors like these, how can you expect anything serious? Pure fun!

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