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Anupam Kher’s Acting School among the most unique schools

A French-language Canadian TV network TV5 Quebec Canada has partnered with Parisian TV5 Monde to produce a documentary series titled Schools Like No Other. This documentary, showcasing the most unique schools in the world, will be broadcast through the world’s second-largest TV network, with a reach of over 207 million households across over 200 countries.

Our very own Anupam Kher’s acting school Actor Prepares, has been selected in the acting category. This is another major recognition for Anupam Kher as he’s already an actor who has been highly acclaimed internationally; now he is being recognised for his work in the school.

“Assisting the preparation of emerging Bollywood talents is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the entire team is excited about it We’re privileged to come to Anupam Kher’s school to learn more about this fascinating and unique culture and to spread it through Canada and hopefully, many other countries,” said Yvonne Defour, director of the series at Eureka Productions, which is making the documentary.

Anupam Kher happily says, “This recognition is a result of the hard work we have put in during the past eight years. We have designed a world-class practical-oriented syllabus, which is able to deliver on our belief that acting can be taught, learnt and perfected. Our approach is not just to teach acting as a skill, we also impart a holistic approach to acting as a way of life and that is how we bring out the actor in you.”

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