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Sonam Kapoor: I prefer marriage to Live-in

In a candid interview with a leading daily, Sonam Kapoor talked about live-ins, marriages, romance and childhood.

She said she always thought she’d end up as a librarian or something similar and never even dreamed that one day she’d be a style icon. Additionally, she also said she would love to eradicate corruption in our country, given the power; stating that as an individual, it affects her in many ways.

When asked about romance and the most romantic thing she’d ever experienced, the Raanjhnaa said, “There was this guy who really had a thing for me. He followed me till Paris! I was travelling at that point and he jumped countries just to get my attention. I think when people really have affections for you they persist. Later on, we spent a rather romantic evening together. It became quite special. I will never forget it.”

Talking about relationships, Sonam said she prefers marriage to a live in relationship as she feels live in relationships are for the commitment-phobic.

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