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Sanjay dutt comes home on a 14 day health leave

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Sanjay dutt comes home from jail for a 14 days health leave. Sanjay Dutt has reached home in the afternoon and said he will report to the court after completing his 14-day parole. Dutt also said that he respects the law of the land.

“I respect the law of the land and the courts of India. I am entitled to this leave. I only have one request for the press: let me be with my family. I thank my fans and the media for their support,” Sanjay Dutt said.

“His sister Namrata deposited security of Rs20,000, following which he was released. His furlough application was filed three months ago.” Dutt arrived at his Bandra home in a red shirt, wearing a tilak on the forehead.

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