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Ranbir Kapoor in various advertisements

Yes, we see him in movies. But that’s not enough! Is it? How can it be enough? Yeah, we listen to his songs, we have his screen savers and wallpapers. We also have his stickers and posters but that’s also not enough! And that is why my dear friends, Ranbir Kapoor appears in advertisements! Lets look at some his best yet amusing advertisements.

Virgin mobile

This is one ad where everyone can relate to! Doston ka network is what we all have and everyone of us try to think milke and think hatke at the same time. Ranbir Kapoor looks adorable in this advertisement! Genelia’s behaviour is a little OTT but then that’s what friends are for!


Har ek friend zaroori hota hai! I know, this isn’t the tag line but then fits the situation so perfectly! The girl doesn’t wanna get married and Ranbir Kapoor comes and saves the day! How cute! And he does all this for pepsi!

Hero tvc

Desh ki dhadkan? Yeah, something like that. If not desh ki dhadkan, Ranbir Kapoor for sure is ladkion ke dil ki dhadkan! So biker boy saves the day. Really? Or lady love saves the day with the kiss? I’m a bit confused. But lets just focus of Ranbir. He is HOT


What exactly is the add trying to tell? That you can play fetch with your laptop? Or Lenovo’s ultra book is drool resistant? Ranbir really looks charming as a student or as a techie or as whatever he’s trying to be!


Ye T20 hai boss! Na tameez se khela jata hai, na tameez se dheka jaata hai! baja k aana! So that’s how you play the ICC T20 tournament guys! Ranbir is taking his Badtameez dil a little too seriously. Don’t you think?

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