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Pooja Bhatt to make a film on Bhupen Hazarika

Pooja Bhatt has confirmed that she is producing a biopic on Bhupen Hazarika, the legendary musician. Titled Dhumuha: The Storm, the movie is jointly written by filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi and Pooja’s father Mahesh Bhatt. Lajmi will direct the project.

Bhupen, the legendary Assamese/Hindi/Bengali/English singer/lyricist/writer/film-maker and Kalpana Lajmi had a passionate 40-year relationship till his death.

Talking about the film, Pooja told IANS: “Kalpana Lajmi has offered me the role to play her in the film. I am flattered by this offer. If at all I want to get back to the treadmill and get in shape, then it should be a film like this. Right now, the screenplay is being written, so let’s see.”

Now who will play Bhupen? That is the question. Answering this, she said, “We will have a tough time casting the right actor.”

Hazarika and Kalpana were involved personally and professionally ever since they made the film Ek Pal, in the 1970s.

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