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Nagesh Kukunoor talks about movies, relationships and more

Nagesh Kukunoor is the man behind sensational and exceptional movies like Dor, Iqbal and he is ready with the next off beat and unconventional movie, Lakshmi. The movie shows the harsh reality of sex workers and Nagesh is pretty sure that it will get an A certificate.

In an recant interview Nagesh came out of his self imposed exile and spoke about his movies, his relationships and more. Nagesh Kukunoor begs to differ and says that it isn’t exile for him but a way of life. He says, “It’s not a modus operandi. It’s not an exile. I was always like this, making films quietly and talking about them only when it mattered. But nowadays, the landscape has changed. Honestly, I am finding it difficult to grapple with the situation- this whole shouting business with the extensive publicity campaigns. I am just not comfortable in that space. I never wanted to sell myself. “ Wow. That’s something really profound.

He says his movie Lakshmi is almost ready and he will not go to crazy lengths to publicize it. He says, he would rather have the audience watch it and be the judge rather than going it and publicizing it in every show and every place possible.

When asked if he is in a relationship with Elahi Heptullah, he laughs it off and says he isn’t. He says, “This talk has been doing the rounds since 15 years. But people are still interested to know if anything is going on between us. We are not seeing each other. We are not a couple. We are not even romantically inclined towards each other. “ Do you guys sense denial? Whatever his reasons are we will let him be.

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