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Gulshan Grover to play a double role

The “bad man” of bollywood Gulshan Grover, will be seen in a double role for the first time in a movie Baat Bann Gayi; directed by Shuja Ali. Reportedly, one of the characters he plays is gay.

Talking about the roles, Gulshan says “The characters – Professor Lakshmi Niwas and choreographer Debu Daruwala – are as diverse as chalk and cheese. Usually in a double role, if one is good, then the other is bad. But here, if Prof Lakshmi is a nice man, Debu is nicer.”

He says he could depict the gay character Debu with ease. Explaining this, he says “”I have a wide circle of gay friends as they are a part of my professional life. I have also worked in international cinema, so I have interacted with gay people there as well. Thus, doing this role was not all that difficult for me,” he says. The only challenge was when he had to play both characters the same day. “I had to not only change costumes quickly, but also mentally switchover. That was not easy.”

The film, produced by Sayed Asif Jah, Vibhu Agarwal and Megha Agarwal, also stars Ali Fazal, Anisa and Amrita Raichand; in addition to Gulshan Grover.

The movie releases on October 11th.
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