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“Ghandhigiri” takes a toll on Bollywood. Here’s how it happened…

Although Gandhi ji is one of the most popular Indians ever known, he has been a difficult man to portray on screen. While not many have been brave enough to attempt it, the ones that have, have surprisingly done a good job. Though it must have been a challenge for each of these actors they didn’t let the audience know.

Here’s a look at all the actors who have played Gandhi in Bollywood movies.

DARSHAN JARIWALA: Gandhi, my Father

Based on the semi-fictional biography, Harilal Gandhi: a life, this film unlike the rest, is focused on the complex, intricate and strained relationship that Gandhi shared with his son Harilal Gandhi. This is a story of a man who lived in the enormous shadow of his father, striving to discuss his activity. Though the film didn’t do well commercially, it won the lead actor a national award. Darshan Jariwala has done complete justice to this role.

DILIP PRABHAVALKAR: Lagey Raho, Munnabhai

This film broke all conventional roles about Gandhi ji’s teaching being useful only in the political scenario. It bought out all of his teaching in the most hilarious situations up to the extent of him helping the protagonist, Sunjay Dutt in winning his love interest’s heart, Vidya Balan. The term “ghandhigiri” went on to become a rage and was extensively used in every nook and corner of the country. Not only was the film a box-office hit, it also won Dilip Prabhavalkar a national award for actor in a supporting role.

RAJAT KAPUR: The Making Of Mahatma

This film focuses on the early staged of Gandhi. His life and struggle in South Africa is the basic plot of the film where he lived for 21 years. This does total justice to the film by showing the making of a “mahatma” from a “Gandhi”. The actor known for his versatility pulled it off with aplomb. He also went on to win the national awards for best actor.


This is undoubtedly the best film ever made about Gandhi. Driving home his character from when he was an infant till his last breathe, this film brings out the best of Gandhi ji. No one could ever possibly be better that Ben Kingsley. With up most ease he is seen carrying of the “bapu” style. His intensity, wit and even walk is best personified by Ben Kingsley. So good was his acting that he won an Oscar for best actor while the film bagged a total of 8 awards.

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