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Deepika Padukone visits Ranveer Singh in Hospital

Ranveer Singh has been in hospital since he was diagnosed with a severe form of dengue. Consequently, the promotional events of his upcoming film Ram Leela have been affected.

The music launch of the film has been postponed and reportedly, Ranveer Singh was supposed to start dubbing for the film this week but that has been postponed as well.

In the last couple of weeks, media was abuzz with reports of Ranveer Singh following Deepika Padukone wherever she went and it was semi-evident that something was cooking between these two.

Now, in a fresh twist, Deepika Padukone took special permissions from the hospital authorities and visited Ranveer Singh twice, on Saturday and Sunday.

She was allowed into the ICU only after being made to wear an apron, a mask and a pair of gloves. Moreover, she was allowed to be there only for a few minutes.

The few-minutes seemed to have a positive effect on Ranveer, whose condition is showing signs of a turnaround.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery… how to use trimix gel if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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