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If you can, we can say cancer crusaders Manisha Koirala and Yuvi!

In an effort to raise awareness about cancer, Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala and Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh pepped up millions of people who are affected by the same deadly ailment. They said, “If we can, you can!” 

The actress and cricketer spoke about the traumatic moment when they found out of their affliction which was followed by agonising and tough treatment process but with utmost determination, they overcame cancer.

Having gone through it all, both have decided to spread awareness about the disease. “No matter at what stage the disease is detected, you have to pick up the pieces yourself and fight back. I tell people ‘If Yuve can, you can’,“, said Yuvraj Singh during a lively interaction programme, ‘Pratigya, Cancer Myths and Reality’, organised at a five-star hotel here.

Manisha, who dislikes the term ‘cancer survivor’ as it sounds ‘meek’, called herself a ‘cancer crusader’. “A crusader has the attitude which gives you strength, because that is what you need when you are fighting a disease, which may be cancer or some other thing.” “There is a stigma that cancer means death. No, it is not so. I know lot of people who got cancer, got treatment and are fine. Let us crusade against any kind of challenges,” said the actress.

Yuvraj acknowledged they had now become role models for cancer patients. “We both are symbols of hope and courage.” On his comeback into the Indian team, he said: “It is the passion to come back. If you have the passion, you can come back. This is the reason I am back. Hopefully, I can play a few more years for the country”.

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