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Sonam Kapoor has another craze apart from just fashion!

We all know Sonam Kapoor is fashion frenzy and just loves to play with her apparels and accessories. She’s arguably the most original trend setter in Bollywood. But there is another side of her which we haven’t discovered yet. And that’s the geek side of Sonam!

It’s been learnt that Sonam Kapoor has a great collection of books. We also heard that the best way to impress her is to gift her a book. But her love for books is not limited to just collection, she’s also crazy about the authors and ensures that she takes the autographs of the authors on her books as well.

Her father-actor Anil Kapoor trusts her literary judgment blindly. He considers her to be a good reader and according to Anil, if Sonam recommends a book that can be turned into a movie or a TV show, he would certainly consider buying the rights for the same.

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