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Abhay Deol – Sonam Kapoor forget their differences, bond big time now

Now this one’s interesting yet hilarious!

Remember the tiff between Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol when the latter verbally attacked Anil Kapoor post the release of Aisha saying too much energy and effort was spent on Sonam’s look and wardrobe in the film.

Abhay Deol had said, “A film should be talked about for its content, and not for what the actors are wearing. Too much energy was wasted in styling the wardrobe. All that is superficial, but as an actor I don’t have much say. I won’t take chances with films like Aisha anymore.”

To which Sonam retorted, “As far as I’m concerned, Aisha is a plus film. I have young girls coming up to tell me how much they loved the movie. I don’t know what’s going on with Abhay, a lot of people are complaining about his attitude. It makes me sad! I hope it’s just a phase and he gets over it soon. He’s an amazing actor and wonderful to work with.”

Well, take a glance at the pic above, and notice how engrossed the once upon a time foes are in a conversation, even while they pose for a pic, while poor Dhanush is busy looking into the camera.

They look like long lost best buddies.

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