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Shraddha Kapoor is open to do any kind of role

Much like her on-screen character of “Arohi” in Aashiqui 2, Shraddha Kapoor seems like a humble, down-to-earth kinda girl, who is taking every step of newfound success in her stride. Enjoying the attention she is getting, and at the same time conscious of the decisions she is taking, be it with her personal life or her professional career.

Sharddha Kapoor is well aware of the pressures of being an actress in todays demanding and super competitive world of Bollywood.  She has accepted that comparisons with other actresses are inevitable, and that the only thing she can do is to focus on her career. Acting in movies has been a childhood dream of hers, and she wants to make sure that she cherishes every step she takes.

Shraddha Kapoor also thanked the support she received from both her parents throughout her career. When she decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in movies, both her parents supported her, and for this she is deeply thankful to them. She says that her mom is her best friend, and confides in her most everything that happens in her life.

Shraddha Kapoor idolizes Sridevi, and while she doesn’t want to imitate anyone in her career choices and acting skills, she has some former actresses and actors she looks up to and speaks to for inspiration. Next time this young talent will be seen on screens will be in “Ungli” directed by Rensil D’Silva.

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