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Sharmila Tagore unhappy with Soha Ali Khan’s career decision

After graduating from the Oxford University, Soha Ali Khan followed her mother’s footsteps and chose acting as her career. But guess what? Mommy Sharmila is unhappy with her daughters decision as she was keen on making Soha a lawyer.

“My mother is still not happy with what I am doing. Even now she calls me each Sunday and says ‘You can still be a lawyer, it’s not too late. You must go to Harvard (university)’. She keeps saying ‘You have studied so much and you are not making use of it’.

On the other hand, Soha loves her profession and is pretty satisfied with her work, despite tasting bitter success.

online drugstore acne medicine “I’ve to tell her that I am really enjoying what I am doing. I am happy, but as a mother she is worried about her child… Her main concern is what I’ll do in the next 10 to 20 years,” Soha told.

Though her career choice hasn’t gone down really well with Sharmila, the latter has no qualms about Soha’s live-in relationship with boyfriend, Kunal Kemmu.

“She is actually very cool. I think she is cool, but she says ‘I am tired of telling you guys but you guys don’t listen to me. Now that you are grown up, there is no point in running after you guys’. “My mum says ‘By this time you should’ve been a lawyer, married woman, should have two to three kids, but what are you guys doing?'” “She is tired of saying this again and again; so now she has resigned to the fact that this is happening and she has no control over it,” added the 34-year-old.

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