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Shahrukh Khan talks about his journey till date.

Shahrukh Khan has now been in the Hindi Film industry for two decades now! During his 20 long years, he has reached the heights of success and is now one of the most richest and famous actor not just in India but all across the world! However, during a recent event for management students, Shahrukh spoke about his schooling days in Delhi, his family’s financial apathy and how he equated poverty with failure.

Shahrukh Khan said “I have seen many failures in my life as I come from a lower-middle class family. My family was thrown out on the road as we could not pay the rent. My father died when I was only 15 and we had to struggle a lot to meet the ends meet. If you have a look at the movies which I have done in the initial phase of my career, most of them are rejects of other actors. Deewana, my first film was first offered to Armaan Kohli, Darr to Salman Khan and Baazigar to Aamir Khan. I that point in my career it was more about choosing movies for the money rather than for creative reasons. I preferred to work as much as I can as I had a fear of unemployment and I didn’t want to be poor. But as luck would have it all my movies worked and I became a star.”

He further added “But now I believe that money cannot measure your personal success. I have all the riches and comforts of the world but I have never done anything which I didn’t want to.” What King Khan has achieved over the years is truly commendable and his stardom has never ever seen a downfall. Though he has now reached the pinnacle of success he still isn’t content. He still strives for more, he has proved this with his latest release Chennai Express. Shahrukh Khan will next be appearing on the Big Screen in Farah Khan’s next ‘Happy New Year’

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