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Shahrukh Khan reveals his biggest turn off in fashion

Shahrukh Khan’s fashion sense is as classy as him. A jhalak into his wardrobe and there it is, a line-up of expensive tuxedos and exclusive brands of shoes, jeans, shirts, etc, etc.

But did you know, Shahrukh has his favorites too. So, out of the whole pile, the actor chooses to wear only two pairs of shoes and a few jeans. Yes! you read it right. In a world, where fashion is about variety and latest trends, out baadshah likes to stick to his basics – white t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

The actor admits that, he hasn’t purchased new jeans in five years, and that the torn jeans that he sports regularly is not fashion or style, but actually worn out.

Shahrukh Khan has a fetish for fitted jeans. He says, ill-fitting jeans are a big turn off and he turns judgmental about men sporting such pants.

Quote of the day!

“Being rich is not being able to decide which shirt you like better, ending up buying both and not wearing either of them.”

Shahrukh spoke the above lines when he was asked if he ever looked at the price tag of clothes.
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