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Ranveer Singh in ICU

We recently reported that Ranveer Singh was shooting for a movie in the coal mines of West Bengal despite being sick. It was diagnosed to be dengue and he was admitted in a hospital soon. We now hear the actor’s condition has further worsened.

The actor is in isolation and is in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He is under constant observation. A source said “Ranveer’s platelet count is not improving and he is experiencing excruciating pain in his bones and severe bouts of shivering. His parents are keeping vigil but they too are not allowed to meet him.”

“He didn’t pay much attention to it but if he was diagnosed two days earlier his condition may not have worsened the way it has,” the source added.

Ranveer Singh recently built up his body drastically for a scene in the much awaited upcoming movie Ram Leela. He looked as if he can never fall ill. We wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back to promoting the movie and later, bask in the glory of the movie.

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