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Ranbir Kapoor, the comedian

Its no secret hat Ranbir is a versatile actor but here’s a look at Ranbir’s humorous side. It’s just been 6 years in the industry and Ranbir Kapoor has already proved that he is worthy of carrying the Kapoor legacy forward. Be it looks, women or acting, genetic or not, he is definitely one of the most popular actor. When one analyses Ranbir’s choice of film, one cannot overlook the fact that comedy has been an integral part of his movies. Be in any genre he brings in humor and boy he does a good job at it. You ought the funniest scenes enacted by Ranbir.


5. BACHNA AE HASENO: underwear scene

This scene where Ranbir is seen with his ex-girlfriend shows him in his Casanova avatar. Waiting half naked on the road pretending like nothing happened when Deepika Padukone comes by and laughs her lungs off when she learns that he was thrown out of one of his girlfriends’ house. This scene sees the Kapoor lad showing hints of his humorous trait.


4. AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI: Ranbir hides Katrina in his house

This rom-com is where Ranbir’s funny bone is tickled the most. The entire movie has Ranbir doing a remarkable job as a comedian. In this particular scene Ranbir makes the audience laugh their wits out by sneaking in his love interest in the movie who also happens to be his current lady love in real life. Katrina too significantly contributes in making this one of Ranbir’s funniest scene.


3. ROCKSTAR: proposal scene

Though this movie is categorized as a tragedy, it was initial humor that later draws tragedy. Ranbir proposes to Nargis Fhakri in a typical small town boy style because he learnt from his friend that to become a good singer he has to have tragedy in his life which he aims to be. He proposes her with the aim of getting rejected and going into depression but what he manages to do with the audiences is exceptional.


2. YEH JAWaANI HAI DEeWANI: trekking scene

The most successful film of his career, Ranbir is seen in a typical flirtatious charming sense where he gets his way past most of the girls. Yet another prey of his charm in this film, Everlyn Sharma believes everything that Ranbir says. He is seen making the most out of this opportunity by flirting to his heart content and poking fun of her at the same time. This shows the Kapoor boy proving that he can fit into any kind of comedy.


1. BARFI!: bank robbery scene

Undoubtedly his best performances far, Ranbir plays a deaf and dumb man in this film who is witty, smart and funny. This scene though inspired from Charlie Chaplains series doesn’t fail to throw light at Ranbir’s sheer brilliance as an actor in comic role. He acts this scene with utmost perfection and ease. This is definitely Ranbir’s funniest scene.

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