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Look which three actors are desperately fighting over YRF’s attention!

purchase maxifort sildenafil You must be used to hearing many actresses fighting over the attention from their producers and directors but what you’re gonna read next is surely going to startle you. Three young promising actors, Arjun Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana and Sushant Singh Rajput are looking to grab Aditya Chopra’s attention. Since YRF started making movies with newcomers, these actors are desperately trying to impress Aditya Chopra. 

When YRF first chose Ranveer Singh for the lead role in Band Baaja Baarat , the floodgates opened for the new breed of Bollywood. An insider said, “” The competition between them is quite funny as one can always hear them talking about Aditya Chopra like they are really close to him. They go to him for advice for every little thing and don’t take decisions prior to consulting him. They all want to be the next Shahrukh Khan and know that if they continue working for the Yashraj banner, that might happen someday. In fact it was heard that Sushant Singh Rajput was offered a 3 movie deal by UTV, but upon consulting Aditya Chopra, he rejected it.”

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