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Kunal Kapoor turns a 17-year-old’s dream to reality

Actor Kunal Kapoor joined hands with The Clean & Clear MTV Dream Project and M.A.D, to help thousand homeless girls. The trio got together to start a digital fundraiser called Ketto, through which it professionally as well as personally helps fulfill the dreams of over a thousand homeless girls.

Not very long ago, a young 17 years old girl named Manisha saw her dream come to reality when she got a cycle from the organization, to take her younger siblings to school. Ketto connects people to a 1000 young, underprivileged girls across India, to help their smallest dreams come to reality.

Said Kunal, “Initiatives such as these help individuals like us to fulfill the dreams of these girls. When I got the chance to be that helping hand for Manisha to achieve her simple yet precious dream, I felt so much happiness! More so, I was very moved by what her dream was — she did not want the cycle for herself but for her siblings. I hope that girls like Manisha never stop dreaming.”

Manisha has been living in Mumbai with her family for the last 12 years, though she is originally from a village in Uttar Pradesh. Manisha shared, “My father has been suffering from cancer for quite a while. My mother has to spend most of her time in the hospital, to meet doctors, buy medicines and support my father. I did my best to make our lives better. Being the eldest child, I took the responsibility of taking care of the house and my younger siblings. The play school they go to is very far, and I walk everyday to pick them up as they cannot come on their own. That is why my dream was to own a cycle, so that I pick them up and come home safe and continue with my other tasks.”

She added, “This dream meant so much to me, and it really has made my day-to-day life so much better as I save so much time!”
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