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Kareena Kapoor has got her life in order : Soha Ali Khan all praise for Kareena

Its often hard to win the approval of your husbands family members, let alone the “sister”!! But Kareena Kapoor seems to have fit right into the good books of Soha Ali Khan.

Speaking about Kareena Kapoor, she says that it is very hard to balance professional life as an actress and personal life, and Kareena does a fantastic job of balancing both parts of her life. She specifically talks about the fact that Kareena does not put on make up during her everyday life, and that indicates the priorities she has set for herself. She goes on to tell us that she and kareena share a good relationships largely because of their shared love for our Nawab Saheb, Saif Ali Khan! Though they both dont live together, everytime they meet up gossip and chitchat dominates their meetings!

Speaking about her upcoming project “War Chod Na Yaar”, Soha seems very optimisitic about the movie. This is the first time a comedy is being attempted around a topic that has been treated with much seriousness in movies, so it should be a welcome break. Shraman Joshi, the lead in War Chod Na Yaar, plays an army officer who falls in love with the reporter, Soha Ali Khan. The movie also stars veteran actor Javed Jafri, in quite a comic character that is sure to split us up!

Directed by Faraz Haider of Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye fame, “War Chod na Yaar” is scheduled to hit theaters on October 11.

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