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Dialogue promos of Ranbir’s upcoming movie Besharam

Finally! Just one day to go and we all can go to the theaters and drool over Ranbir Kapoor! Besharam releases this Wednesday on the occasion of Gandhi jayanti and guess who has a holiday? All of us! So we can now waste a perfect holiday by standing in the super long queue trying to buy tickets for a movie which may or may not be awesome. But who cares? We get to see Ranbir Kapoor! Here are some dialogue promos from Besharam so that we can predict what the movie is going to be like. By the looks of it, it’s going to be a one-time-watch-typical-rom-com + a very hot Ranbir!


BESHARAM Dialogue Promo #1

You know that moment when you see a girl/boy, crush obsessively over him/her, fall head over heels and look at nothing else, listen to nobody and then do the unimaginable? Like start planning your life with them like the colour of your kitchen walls, number of kids, which school they’ll go to and all? Well, Ranbir certainly has found his ‘one’ in the movie as has planned everything! How stalker-ly adorable is this scene?


BESHARAM Dialogue Promo #2

Oh, that’s not it. You will also have to call dibs on him/her so that your friends claim them and win them over before you can man up and that’s exactly what Ranbir Kapoor seems to be doing in this scene. Bhabi hai teri. Yeah! Lower your eyes now dear friend, she’s off limits to you.


BESHARAM Dialogue Promo #3

You would have to prove your worth, wouldn’t you? SO Ranbir here saves the day. And he actually says, Aaaaaakramannnn!! Like that’s going to help! But you never know, its a rom-com and a Bollywood rom-com that too!}}

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