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A Birthday tribute to ‘tanha dil’ – Shaan

During his childhood days itself Shaan began his career singing jingles for advertisements. After giving up everything for a brief amount of time, he returned. Along with singing jingles, he began singing remixes and cover versions. In the 1989 movie Parinda, he was only 17 years young when Shaan sang a line in the song, “Kitni Hai Pyari Pyari Dosti Hamari”.

Shaan along with his sister, began his career when they both signed up with Magnasound recording company and a few hit albums, including the super hit album Nujawan followed by Q- Funk, which sold a million copies. He entered the pop scene with sister Sagarika, singing Biddu’s melodies and doing re-mixes. Then came Roop Tera Mastana, a remix album of R.D Burman’s songs, that brought them further into the limelight

Tanha Dil

This album was released as early as 2000 but the songs are still on the lips of people. This is one such type of album which had sold at least a million copies! The songs from the album are still being showed on various music channels! (we don’t find any other album,this old,being played even now). This shows how great is he album is and also the fame which SHAAN had achieved at such young age. TANHA DIL shows a shift in the music style of Shaan. The music is very smooth and the lyric is easy to hum even when deep asleep. One can relate himself with this song. The music video is again one of those types which you would like to see again and again. All the songs are just too good namely bhool ja, gum sum ho kyun, etc.


“Aksar” was released by Shaan after the roaring success of “Tanha Dil”. I would not rate this album as high as I would have rated “Tanha Dil”, but still many songs in this album are catchy and hummable, and most are quite romantic! He was awesome from the word go! All the tracks have a nice meaning behind it and unlike the jibber-jabber music of present generation, it;s quite soothing to listen to.


Very few people know that in 2006, Shaan released a song with MLTR, “Take me to your heart”. The song appears on his album Tishnagi which is produced by Ranjit Barot and engineered by Ashish Manchanda. The song “Shuruat” on his album Tishnagi was made into a music video to promote the film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Tishnagi was coming of age for Shaan! We just loved all the tracks of this album! And we suggest you to listen to this entire album! It sure will keep boredom far-far away!

Shaan ‘The Dancer’

Now little did we know that this versatile singer can dance too! Yes, you heard it right. We were stunned to see him groove to the music in dance show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’. He didn’t just participate, but also managed to reach the top 4 of the season! If you don’t believe us, watch it yourself.

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