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Bhandarkar wants Bollywood & Hollywood to learn from each other

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has said that the Bollywood & Hollywood can learn a lot from each other. Bhandarkar is representing the Indian film industry at the three-day Cinema Beyond Boundaries fest that began on September 27.

Some of the director’s best works Chandni Bar, Page 3, Fashion and Heroine are all critically acclaimed movies and he hopes to exchange some important notes with Hollywood directors, writers and music composers.

“There will be something that I take from them and they will take from us. While Hollywood has had a huge influence on the Indian industry, Bollywood and its actors too are garnering a lot of attention in the western film world.”

Cinema has changed drastically over the years and films are now being made in different genres like commercial, edgy and radical to cater to the tastes of an evolving viewership. Indian cinema is no more limited to audiences in India. We have viewers all around the world and hence understanding the global perspective is a must. Cinema Beyond Boundaries would get the viewers and the filmmakers together and would help us in serving them with good quality cinema,” Bhandarkar said.

Bhandarkar said through his films he has explored “areas where nobody has gone.”

On the trend of filmmakers remaking old classics, Bhandarkar said he is not keen in replicating old movies. “I have good ideas and good subjects. So I am happy. I’m not into replicating old movies. But one should never say never. Tomorrow I may feel like making a part 2 of some of my movies,” he said.
The filmmaking meet will also be attended by Kahaani writer Advaita Kala, Don Peyote director Micheal Conzoniero. Tony Award winner Dan Fogler, director Vladan Nikolic and actors Saritha Choudary, Ajay Naidu and Reshma Shetty.


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