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Besharam to revisit the land of Kamasutra?

During the planning phase of all the promotional activities of Besharam were under the thought process, the makers specifically included Patna in the itinerary.

Apparently, Patna and it’s surrounding region’s rich history fascinated the film’s team. Bihar’s capital city has been an adobe to many renowned Indian letterateurs, including the likes of Rishi Vatsyayana, a Hindu philosopher who lived during the Gupta Dynasty era.

Rishi Vatsyayana is well known for penning down the scriptures on the art of Love-Making. We got hold of one of the crew members of team Besharam, he reveals, “The team has been eager to visit Patna ever since they read about the Kamasutra being written there and they are looking forward to visiting all the places of historical significance. Though India is known as the land of the Kamasutra, very few know that the text was written in Bihar.”

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